TikTok And The Future of News Delivery

Marc Ray
2 min readNov 11, 2020


Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

An increasing number of journalists will capitalize on the popularity of TikTok to provide newsworthy content in the near future. It has recently found growing popularity amongst a younger audience.

Since the start of coronavirus restrictions such as stay-at-home orders, users have utilized TikTok for news and comedic purposes. The social media platform has allowed people to keep themselves occupied during the difficulties related to COVID-19.

The impact of the coronavirus has led young users to move past social media platforms such as Instagram and lean towards TikTok as their primary app, according to The Guardian.

TikTok consists of features that allow users to post and share creative content with others. This creativity could prove beneficial for journalists who want to increase their engagement with a younger and wider audience.

The creation of shorter content allows a journalist to get right to the point and grab an audience’s attention in a short amount of time.

A TikTok post created by CNN anchor and correspondent Max Foster that shows a behind the scenes look at the news reporting process during isolation

News outlets such as CBS and ESPN have created their own presence on TikTok to provide news and information to their audience. Despite the creative possibilities, critics disagree with the impact it has on news delivery.

According to The Atlantic, Nicole Dahmen, a University of Oregon professor who studies journalism, questions the use of TikTok by The Washington Post. She gives credit to The Post for trying to connect with their younger audience but believes the social media platform could possibly minimize the importance of news.

The distrust of TikTok could potentially prevent the platform from becoming a trend. There have been national security concerns due to the app’s reported ties to China. These reports could scare journalists off from fully utilizing the networking service.

Despite the reports, users are still using TikTok as a convenient way to create videos and gain their dose of daily news. In the next couple of years, I believe more news outlets and organizations will expand their content through TikTok.

News outlets will notice the connection TikTok has with younger audiences and will eventually follow suit in delivering content with the platform. The social media app will continue to evolve as creators will develop new ways of creating informational and creative videos.



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